I'm Kelsey (or "bopx" if you prefer). I study Game Design/ Visual Development.
This is my blog for: Awesome art, my art, my fanart, video games, shows, good movies, shit music, food I make, and comics I make. This is an art blog/ "cool shit I like" blog. Expect incredible amounts on inconsistency.
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*tips deathcap*


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kev and I just watched all of season 1 of the listener today


I drew Jeremiah for this animal crossing collab!

"You dance up on them haters."

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Just finished this one, it took me freaking ages to do 


very quick Violet! (Yay!)

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woop woop

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Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you're listed in my artist Follow Forever, a collection of artists on Tumblr who have inspired me over the years. Thank you so much for being wonderful at what you do, and I hope you'll continue to create beautiful things uwu
bopx bopx Said:

Awww thanks for letting me know! I’m glad my art could influence you positively, that is really amazing to hear ♥


Over the years I’ve spent on tumblr I’ve been a part of lots of communities. In these communities there have always been individuals who have stood out with their art - whether that be drawing, writing, or composing, these people have been a constant inspiration for me to continue bettering my own craft (though obviously I still have a long way to go), and I figured it’s high time I thank them by composing my first follow forever.

This is entirely art centered! If I follow you and your name is not here, please know that I still love you immensely. I’m planning another, more general follow forever - this is specific to artists.

Italics are mutuals. Bolds are extra special to me for various reasons.

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This is totally humbling, thank you <3


(bonus WIP to completion for anyone that likes knowing how I speedpaint; finished piece here)