I'm Kelsey (or "bopx" if you prefer). I study Game Design/ Visual Development.
This is my blog for: Awesome art, my art, my fanart, video games, shows, good movies, shit music, food I make, and comics I make. This is an art blog/ "cool shit I like" blog. Expect incredible amounts on inconsistency.
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Ballet girl sketchy

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I always ask:
"did someone do a cover or is this just pitched"
this question haunts me

jesus christ

I don’t know why it would haunt you, a very simple google search would reveal that it’s actually a cover.

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ive been rlly into tokyo ghouls lately.. …u should read or A girl by the sea, its by the same person that did pun pun

I tried reading Tokyo Ghouls because it like perfectly exemplified the type of manga I wanted to read but for some reason it just didn’t catch me. I dunno… maybe I just didn’t like the art haha. Also, I didn’t even think to look up other works by Asano, thanks!

Dark Matter

He doesn’t get beat up enough

One Punch Man if you haven’t already!

Hmm, looks familiar. Maybe I read it a while ago, but doesn’t hurt to read again since I probably forgot, thanks!

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai. The art style is lovely and the story is really well written imo, It’s seinen though so just be aware

Yeah, I was looking for seinen! I just checked it out, the art style is perfect, thanks!

Tumblr help, I just finished reading The Breaker: New Waves and re-reading The Breaker. I need a new manga (or manhwa, whatever) where the antagonist gets the shit kicked out of them all the time. Or something like Zetman or Akumetsu.

And yes, already read Titan.

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Sleeping With Ghosts


“Running Up That Hill” | Placebo

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi I loved your Kate Bishop cosplay you did!!! I'm trying to make one of my own for my first con ever and I'm a lil lost haha. Did you buy your bodysuit and alter it? Where did you find one? Or do you have a pattern that you made it from? Literally any help at all would thrill me, thank you sooooo much!
bopx bopx Said:

kinda wish you posted this non-anon so I could reply directly lol. But no, I didn’t buy the suit, I ended up making it from scratch (very last minute too, I would reccomend giving yourself a lot more time for this sort of project). I used a few sites, but the main one I referred to when making the suit was stretchy.org. its pretty ghetto but it has a lot of useful info.

I guess the only major advice would be to definitely do a first-run proof on practice material (I already had some cheap one-way stretch fabric that did the trick) but when you do the final version, make sure to get two-way stretch fabric. And make sure it is opaque! try stretching the fabric out over your hand before buying, because some of the cheaper ones can be a little revealing. Good luck!

Hey your little cube studies for your Elements class came up on my tumblr dashboard and they were phenomenal, I was blown away by them, but as a fellow artist interested in game design and its varying elements they left me wondering- when doing texture based projects such as those cubes, do you personally use custom brushes to emulate texture? Or do you paint them from scratch, just straight up?
bopx bopx Said:

For this class, because it was a digital painting focused class, we were discouraged from using texture brushes and any sort of matte painting techniques, so all of these were done with basic square and round brushes. I think it’s fine to use them for regular projects, especially when completion speed is a factor, but learning how to emulate texture from scratch will make it easier and faster to do in the future.

Asker sinfulgod Asks:
i don't know what made you so angry at the innocent things comic books corrections owner posts, but your message to her and your reply to the original post (which you deleted, shocker) made you seem incredibly unpleasant and full of yourself. you offer no help for aspiring artists, yet shit on those that do (and call peeps looking at her recs 'fools'). you also shit on aspiring artists. that's really not cool, mate. at least you stay true to yourself: incredibly inconsistent.
bopx bopx Said:

Sorry? I’m not sure what you’re talking about? I’m not denying I may have said something stupid and dickish in the past but I’m trying to remember what you’re talking about and I’m just kinda confused right now? If you could send context I might be able to either defend or apologize.




i did th map

come visit us at anime expo this year!! i’m tabling with bopx and chow at tables i35+i36 * _ *

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wow why did u draw me so grumpy

LOOK HOW CUTE I AM AHHH visit us at AX, bitchess

Double posting because Anime Expo Is finally here and reminding everyone where us kool kidz are at. Come and buy our things, or if you’re poor like us, just come by to say hey!



i did th map

come visit us at anime expo this year!! i’m tabling with bopx and chow at tables i35+i36 * _ *

(map courtesy of sayonararolling !!)

wow why did u draw me so grumpy

LOOK HOW CUTE I AM AHHH visit us at AX, bitchess


jc leyendecker

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